Yesterday I passed my certification exams for the CompTIA A+. It was a bit stressful, and that likely would have been mitigated a bit had I studied more. But c’est la vi. My biggest takeaway from it was the satisfaction of achieving something that I wasn’t guaranteed success in. Also the relief of not having to concern myself with any more work related studies until the end of the year.
Now I have the freedom to buckle down and study some programming books, as well as polish my electrical skills. It all makes for an exciting season in my life.

Passing the A+ was surprisingly rewarding, and has helped to give me that extra boost of confidence to tackle another challenge. My hopes are that by the end of the year I will be supplementing my income with some sort of coding work. Whether it’s directly building custom sites, or working on web apps through something like Django or Rails.


(copied over from my previous hoverboard.io blog)