And I’m back… probably

I’ve left this thing dormant for awhile. I don’t really have much to say for the reasons as I don’t think they matter at this point. For now though I’m going to try and pick this back up.

All kinds of things are different in my life now. I’ve lost one job and gained another. Moved around a bit during the transition, and settled at a friends house now where rent is so fantastically cheap that it makes it hard to complain (and believe me I’ve tried).

So as I look to the future I’ve laid out some “goals” for myself. I’m endeavoring to get out of debt which the aforementioned cheap rent is lending itself to. I’m working on building some better personal habits. More importantly I’m prioritizing some personal and professional development!

I’ve signed up for a few different things that aren’t related except for the fact that I desire to work on both of them. First I’m committing to study music (and specifically the bass) on a regular basis. I’ve got what I feel is sufficient training materials, and I’ll be putting in regular practice times. I’ll be putting time into some music theory as well. Secondly I’ve signed up for the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator¬†program. It gives me a year to go through the crazy amount of material, and to tries at the exam. What I’ll do with it after the fact I’m not sure, but onward I go.

For now I’m working through the Intro To Linux course at to bone up on the basics before I dive into the deep end.

Wish me luck…or don’t. Luck isn’t a real thing.