Technology is a funny thing

I’d like to think that I have many passions in my life. Many things that I deeply enjoy putting my time and efforts into. Technology though, is a funny thing. As I’m sure anyone who’s worked in any sort of IT field can attest, if you know something about a single aspect most people presume you know about all of it. Too many are the phone calls I’ve gotten from friends, family, and clients expecting me to troubleshoot some unknown problem based on a less than informative description of said problem.

But I digress. I’m passionate about technology in it’s many facets. In fact it’s for all of those many facets that I find it so interesting. However, it’s also for all of those many facets that I’ve had such a hard time picking a focus. For a while I worked on hardware repair, but I found it to be small potatoes here locally. As I’ve said before though about 4-5 years ago I started using Linux, and exploring the world of FOSS. “This is it”, I said to myself. “This is something I can focus on”. Little did I know how expansive just those two topics were on there own. Nevertheless, I’ve stood by those ideals. I’ve found a specific(ish) part of technology and IT that I really wanted to be a part of. Fortunate for me there’s no shortage of information, and resources to help educate anyone that finds themselves interested and wanting to learn more.

Now I’m studying for my Linux Essentials certification and I’m working on learning my first programming language in Python. I’m really excited to see where this takes me as I plan on continuing on with the LPIC 1 within the next year, and expanding my programming knowledge as I go as well. That’s what our passions are all about right? They’re meant to get us excited. To give us a chance to better ourselves and/or others. That’s what it’s about to me at least.

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